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Guy Fox Cologne

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We specialize in versatile, everyday wear cologne. That means you can feel great about wearing our scents to work, the club, dinner dates, a day in the park with friends...we're talkin' versatility!

Another thing about our scents: They're undeniably GREAT. We don't get overly experimental and try to recreate the smell of a barbershop from the 1800s or a Middle Eastern spice market at night. We simply try to create scents that dudes like us would feel great about wearing.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fragrance revolution!

All of our scents are Eau de Parfums which is a fancy way of saying they're blended at 22% concentration...which is the perfect amount! A lot of colognes are only blended at 10-15%, which means that our scents are strong enough to last for hours without ever being overpowering.

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